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So how is everyone doing? Did ya all survive Thanksgiving weekend? I was able to go to Chico and spend the day with my sisters and my

parents. It is weird with the extended, extended-- kids now have their own spouses, families and it's making it harder to get it all together.

Christmas will also be interesting, as we're going to wait until the 28th or so to celebrate so that the gang from Oregon can come down.

My mom is showing more and more signs of dementia, and my dad has Parkinsons which has really progressed this last year. It is so hard to watch him go from being so on top of everything, to having to explain all of the choices and such that he has with his Medicare and insurance options. They just dont' get it anymore. To top it off, he's so hard of hearing (aids won't work on his loss) so he only catches half of what is said. Mom never understood any of it, and she really doesn't get it now.

So we just keep loving them, appreciating the time we have left.

I do hope that everyone has paced themselves, and that the hangover fatigue isn't too severe.

Here's hoping to hear from you all, share your stories and let us know how you are doing.



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