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marshall protocolSubject: Re: Update on SonTo: Neurosarcoidosis Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 3:01 AM

Hello ,

My name is Ron and I have dealt with many of the issues your son is

currently dealing with. Have you considered a wheel chair or power

chair for him? This will keep him safe from falling and give him more

independence and change his environment.

I know because I can no longer walk and I fell down very often. But

now that I have a power chair I have not fallen in 3 years and I go to

the store, shop, walk the dogs, sit outside and ride around the

neighborhood. The freedom and independence the power chair has given me

is so wonderful. Perhaps you may want to consider if this is something

your son is ready for.

I recall the very first time I sat in a powerchair and was given a

demonstration, I cried! It was such a freeing and touching moment for

me to be able to go outside, go across the street to the mall and all

the other things I mentioned. So please consider this for your son. It

will make a big difference in his quality of life.

Happy healings to your son. And have strength to endure the

responsibility of being his care taker.

Warm regards,



> Yesterday my son was released from the hospital. I talked him into

> coming to stay with me for now. He's still very unsteady on his feet

> and still having problems with his memory. The doctors wanted him to

> have constant care to be sure he is taking his meds and not falling.


> Hopefully when he is able to sit at the computer he can come in and

> introduce himself.


> Thanks to everyone for your information.


> Hugs,



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