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I need the opinion of everyone who considered going on Remicade!

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What warnings were you given before you started it?

If you were offered it what were the pro's and con's they told you?

Does it knock out your entire system or is it selective?

As you know I have had Hospital grade MRSA which kept me in the

hospital for 2 1/2 years during which my total knees were removed and

replaced 12 times.

One of the tests they do to monitor if it is still active or hiding

somewhere is a blood test called a C Reactove protein. But sarcoid

also causes and elevation in that test.

My internest who I adore and respect thinks I should go for it.

My fears of the MRSA returning and my years in the hospital have down

right terrified.

By the way I got thrown out of water therapy, they thought I was not

progressing, now how many people do you think had theirs knees opened

up more than 25 timrs.

I am dresperite, I don't know what to do I feel absolutely horrible

and sometiomes wish I was dead.

They say that God doesn't give you more to handle, but rih=ghyt now I

have my doubys.I have had this horrible disease since the stone ages.

Ir started in 1971, that makes it, I guess that makes it 38 miserable


How do you feel while your getting the infusions? How about

afterwords. I need to know this becausa i'm scared.

I plan on making an appointment with my infectious disease doctor who

os really cool, she been threw all of this with me.

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers

Judy in PA

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