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Re: Excuse me but I need to rant and rave.

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Isn't it crazy when a PT know more then the doctor, maybe about PT but not about the patient. I'm sorry you are going through all of this, I am continuing to fight the insurnance company too, really sucks! Marla

I began pool therapy and was making progress. The progress was slow but steady.It's a small facility that has a pool with a treadmill floor. There are jets that can give you resistance as you walk on the treadmill.

Two days ago I was called into a meeting and was told that my progress was to slow so they discharged me because my progress was hot up to their expectations so I was given one more visit and some paperwork that showed various exercises that I could do in a pool.

Now how many patients do you think had 25 total knee procedures.I am so unhappy, They gave me a copy of my chart the progress that I had made was consistant.but gress, but in reading my chart they believed that my chances of any inprovement were guarded.

Right now I understand why some people get to fed up that they do crazy things. I have gone through so much during the last 5 years.I had a new script that said for me to continue water therapy until I

was ready for land therapy.n Then I could join a cub.I am so tired of all the BS I have had to go through. I work very hard.They said that my doctor's script was worthless because they know more than he does.

Judu in PA -- Marla BramerIndependent Beauty

Consultant Kay mbramer@...www.marykay.com/mbramer

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