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Good morning all

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Good morning to all, the group has been so quiet i hope this is not a bad sign of so many of us not doing to well.

my vision is better today, for the past week I couldn't see tv, everything was a blur, but now today im able to see some of the print on CNN. not 100% but much better. my back and shoulders are very sore to touch due to the spinal tap I had while in the hospital.. I also had to tell you, while i was in they wanted to do another MRI and I will not go in the closed mri so they put me to sleep to do it, since they don't have an open one. all I can remember is crying as they were putting me to sleep, and looking at the mri machine, the A. dr said just try to think of a pleasant dream and all will be over soon. next thing i remember is waking up in the recovery room, that is 2 hours of my life I don't misss not remembering. lol

everyone have a wonderful pain free day and i think of you all daily

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