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Thanks Judy,

I was doing some reading on it, I didn't know it was a once a day, my doc Rxd mine at 25mgs to 100mgs every 6 hours, is that how you start out on it? I've only taken it once to get to sleep due to pain. Should it be taken every day, or does the prn work for it too? I read about it, and it did say you could do every 4-6 hrs, I am always in pain of some sort, seems like nothing takes everything away.

thanks for the info Judy really appreicate it. would this be like Lyrica, or nerontin?

hope you are well and pain free. Marla

Tramidol is a drug which works on the pain centers located in your spine and brain.It comes in a once a day dose of 100, 200, 300mg I use the once a day dose of 300mg. One should not have more than 300mg per day because it

may cause seizures when one takes more than 300mg.It is a drug that comes from Morphine. But the final product-Ultram is physicaly addicting,but can be psychologicly addicting.It,s a funny med, you will think that this drug is doing nothing then

all of a sudden a little later realizing that your pain is gone.Judy in PA -- Marla BramerIndependent Beauty

Consultant Kay mbramer@...www.marykay.com/mbramer

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