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Re: Fluid retention (fat feet)

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What this is telling you is that you are at least, slightly dehydrated. What the body does is "save" fluids in our extremities if it's not getting enough. This can significantly increase the joint muscle ligament pain.

Around all our muscles and ligaments is a sheath called myelin. This sheath is filled with fluid. The fluid acts as a lubricant so that the muscles and ligaments get the correct signals to do what they do. Any upset in our hydration (aka chronic inflammation) reduces the amount of fluid, as well as all the electrolytes that allow the nerve signals to get through. The joints are also covered with a fluid-- synovial fluid. This is the cushion so that the joints aren't injured and we end up with that pain of bone on bone as the cartlidge is worn away.

Part of the challenge is that for us-- the prednisone we have all been on can cause osteoporosis-- so can life. Add the fact that as women, we have an increased loss of bone density during perimenopause and menopause. Also, sarc can screw up the myelin sheath similar to what MS does. MS (multiple sclerosis) destroys the myelin sheath from the brain stem down-- in Sarc, it starts at the nerve ends (fingers and toes) and works up to the spine.

So for us to take meds that bring down that fluid retention is going to REALLY increase your muscle- ligament pain. The better choice is to keep track (write it down) the amount of fluid you take in each day See first hand how much (or little) fluids you're putting into your body.

Keep track of what it is you are drinking-- is it sodas, coffee, teas, alcohol, -- all are which are dehydrators. Add the sodium you're getting from foods, and you have a combination for pain.

Your best bet is to add fresh lemon slices to your water-- it works as a natural (aargh, I can't think of the word guys) diuretic(YEAH!!!) and has zero calories. Decaf teas are great. So put a gallon jar outside with a couple of tea bags-- and enjoy--

Juices should be natural-- skip all the ones with the high fructose corn syrup-- that only sends the blood sugar up, and then you start going after the sweets, the prepared foods, etc-- all high in calories and sugar and salt!

Add your MSM to whatever you drink-- and you've added back an essential mineral. Add some Milk Thistle and you've done your liver a favor to help detox your body. (Capsules are ok with Milk Thistle.)

What you will experience initially is that your feet and hands are going to hold more fluid in. That's because your body thinks you'll take it back into starvation mode. Once your body gets the signal that you are not going to go the proverbial desert, it will start to eliminate those fluids, and you'll find yourself peeing all day-- alot, and your urine will probably be pretty dark yellow. That is the concentrate of uric acid. Then as the day progresses, your urine will get almost totally clear-- and the swelling in your extremities will end. This isn't a sign to back down -- it just means that you are finally getting the fluids you so badly need. You will find that much of your joint pain will also head out the door- without you!!!

Make sure to eat right-- you know how- keep the electrolyte levels up (get that banana down, even in smoothies) and get away from preprocessed foods.

Going back to basics will help you so much-- it was trial and error on my part that I had to learn what worked for me, but I've now lived with sarcoidosis for more than 18 yrs-- and it's still a challenge-- a big one, but I'm not taking the pain meds so many have to use.

I'm sure you'll see a huge difference!



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Hi Gang,Since I am in the very early stages of pain with my joints etc., I feel, based on all that I have read, the MSM is a good choice....Now, the inflammation part....I have fat feet....the MOMENT I get to work and sit for 1/2 an hour, I have swollen feet (the tops)....what are your thoughts on Turmeric?... .any foods?.....will the MSM diminish the inflammation? .........Happy Hump Day :)Hugs to All -

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Hi group, Tracie, I forgot to ask about the fat feet. I have been off the steriods for almost three months now and in the morning when I awake my feet hurt to walk on them. I only feel this when I get up in the morning but it goes away soon after I start walking a few minutes. I have been having this since I stopped the prednisone. I know they must be swollen b/c I can no longer wear my regular sized shoes for the last few months but only after I stopped prednisone. Today I noticed that they were peeling around the toenails so I guess they were just swollen.

Just wondering?

I am not have problems with my blood pressure which I never had before but I know that it is due to all the weight I put on during my treatment over the past two years. My doctor hasn't put me on any blood pressure meds as of yet but should I just try to lose the weight first and hope it drops? This time it is taking a little longer to get the weight off even though I am still working out at the gym three times a week. Maybe I should up it a little for a while and just try to reduce my salt intake. I am going to be working on it. Wish me luck.

Shauna in Atl.

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