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Shauna, It is probably the fluid retention, but with the elevated blood pressure, yu may have some extra stress on the heart. The normal things like watching your salt intake and getting enough fluids down is important-- but with the prednisone-- it may be quite a while until you drop the weight.

Be careful with your exercise, and do what you can-- but remember-- if you get yourself too fatigued-- you can end up right back where you started.

You can get Milk Thistle tea or capsules from any health food store. It's also in most vitamin isles at the local drug store. I need to find the book I have on Liver detox-- I think it's called Liver Tonics-- and is alot of natural juices-- ginger, apples, and carrot is an excellant combination.

Be very careful with detoxing. I'd talk with the local health food store, explain that you've been on prednisone and are weaning off. Don't go the extreme of coffee enemas and such-- our system can't handle that kind of overload. Too many toxins get released at once-- and you can end up in more trouble. I do the raw vege juices that I mix up at home, and take Milk Thistle capsules several times a day. That has helped over time-- without putting stress on my immune system. GO SLOWLY-- if you have lymph involvement, you will be feeling it in the lymphnodes all over your body.

That is really a big challenge with sarc-- if the lymphs in the legs, and groin area swell, that too can cause the fluid to not get out of your legs-- and the nasty feet stuff in the morning. I know that my hands and feet still have all the lumps of granulomas (I am way past the "microscopic" issue, you can see them just under my skin-- so the stiffness and pain in my feet is nasty. That's one of the biggest challenges for me now-- the neuropathy in my legs is too the point of making walking very uncomfortable. I have some demylenation starting down the outside edge of the calf muscles, and it's like a hot poker wire shorting out-- add walking, that extra circulation to the muscles sends extra nerve firing-- and I'm finally surrendering to the electric carts while shopping. anyway, I digress--- I'll try to get more info on Liver detoxing and the name of the book that is excellant.

Take care, and go slow--


NS Co-owner/moderator

Re: Fluid retention (fat feet)

Hi group, Tracie, I forgot to ask about the fat feet. I have been off the steriods for almost three months now and in the morning when I awake my feet hurt to walk on them. I only feel this when I get up in the morning but it goes away soon after I start walking a few minutes. I have been having this since I stopped the prednisone. I know they must be swollen b/c I can no longer wear my regular sized shoes for the last few months but only after I stopped prednisone. Today I noticed that they were peeling around the toenails so I guess they were just swollen.

Just wondering?

I am not have problems with my blood pressure which I never had before but I know that it is due to all the weight I put on during my treatment over the past two years. My doctor hasn't put me on any blood pressure meds as of yet but should I just try to lose the weight first and hope it drops? This time it is taking a little longer to get the weight off even though I am still working out at the gym three times a week. Maybe I should up it a little for a while and just try to reduce my salt intake. I am going to be working on it. Wish me luck.

Shauna in Atl.

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