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Hi Aliceminyard,

I too go to Emory and see Dr. pulumnary doctor for my sarocids. I have received excellent care at Emory I think and that is one reason I don't want to move home to North Carolina where my family is. I have had Neurosarcoidosis for 5 years and they diagnosed me pretty quickly. You might want to ask Dr. or Emory for a referral of a doctor closer to you. I don't know if there are any in your area. When I do go home to NC, I do sometimes have to have some doctors from there to call my doctors here in Atlanta. They don't seem to know much about Sarcoids where I am from originally so I am really glad I am in Atlanta. At least for now.

I had a doctor before at Emory and he left a while after I was diagnosed. He was very good. I was very nervous that I would be able to find someone to treat me again like he did but thank God I found Dr. . He has been managing it since my other doctor left and doing a GREAT jobs. He listens to me and seems to know about the condition. He takes time to call me back if I have any problems and that means a lot when you are concerned about something healthwise. I had a neurologist at first but now have a pulmnary doctor now.

Just wanted to respond to your email. I don't know if it helps.

Shauna in Atlanta

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