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the thing is that the dr said it might be hep c, which I read there is no cure. My wife was also tested and she's clean. I'm not taking any meds and I have an appointment to the liver dr. In the meantime, I had more blood tests taken and we have to wait for the results.


To: Neurosarcoidosis From: topdat@...Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 14:00:33 -0500Subject: Re: LIVER SARC AND HEP

Hey Pomy, I got Hepatitis from Zocor, it didn't go well with my imuran... It was not contagious,, just made me sick.. it caused me to be very very sick.. with high fever, abdominal pain, with dirrhea.. Like you I totally freaked out... as I'd never experienced it before.. The doctor informed me that The medication caused and Acute Hepatitis.. Hepatitis itself means Inflammation of the liver.. Hepa means liver and titis means inflammation. My liver enzymes where elevated for quite awhile.. Have u started any new medications along with you Sarc medication.. that's just a though..

Hope you feel better soon,



HI' I need an answer asap. I've been having pains as I wrote before in my liver and I have taken a few blood tests. The GP said it might be another flare of liver sarc, so I made an appointment with the liver dr, which is in Nov. Today he phones me up and tells me that it might be a form of hepatitis and I have to take more blood tests. Does anyone know if sarc can cause hepatitis and what type? Secondly, if liver sarc isn't active, can it cause it do to the scarring? To tell you the truth, I am very scarred. I'm going through a lot with my wife, they found that she has uterus cancer and will be operated on soon. I really don't need my problem now! Thanks Voiced Pomy

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