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Hi Tracie,

Thanks for all your support.

My dr made me take another series of blood tests and the results will be in in another couple of weeks. He said that it might not be sarc, and now I wished it woukd be. He thinks it's hepititus c, which is scarier from what I read. he can't be certain and my appoinment with the liver dr is a month away. I am having an us this friday so we'll be able to know how much it has expanded. I still have that pressure feeling and sometimes ti really hurts. The thing is, I don't itch as much as I did last time. The good thing is thst my wife wasn't affected. One worry less to handle.

Her surgery is on sumday and we hope that everything will go well.

Thanks again,


To: Neurosarcoidosis From: tiodaat2001@...Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 17:40:44 -0700Subject: Re: LIVER SARC AND HEP

Pomy, my heart goes out to you. Sarcoidosis of the liver is common, and many times show up in our blood counts as an elevated Alkaline Phosphatate level. Medication, high cholestrol, a diet high in fats and sugars can all cause the liver enzymes to go up.

Everything we eat and drink has to be processed through the kidneys and liver-- so liver toxicity is a normal problem with any autoimmune disease.

You all know I preach Milk Thistle as the best detoxifier-- LIVATONE is the one I take. Amazingly, since I've been on the Remicade-- my liver enzymes came back down to the normal range-- something that had not been that way in the last 20 yrs!

Increasing your fluid intake-- get away from caffeine, sodas, and juices with high fructose corn syrup as the sweetener, as well as cutting out the alcholol, and you will feel much better.

Pomy, know that we will hold you and your wife in our prayers---

With compassion,


NS Co-owner/moderator


HI' I need an answer asap. I've been having pains as I wrote before in my liver and I have taken a few blood tests. The GP said it might be another flare of liver sarc, so I made an appointment with the liver dr, which is in Nov. Today he phones me up and tells me that it might be a form of hepatitis and I have to take more blood tests. Does anyone know if sarc can cause hepatitis and what type? Secondly, if liver sarc isn't active, can it cause it do to the scarring? To tell you the truth, I am very scarred. I'm going through a lot with my wife, they found that she has uterus cancer and will be operated on soon. I really don't need my problem now! Thanks Voiced Pomy

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