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Tracie has sent you a Link4U Webcard!

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Tracie from Tiodaat@... has sent you a Link4U Webcard!

Visit the link below to view your Webcard!


It is located at:


Tracie included this message for you:


It's the annual snowball fight time! Tag, you're it!



*Note to AOL USERS for viewing this webcard*

<a href= " http://www.link4u.com/snowball.htm " > AOL Users see it here</a>


****Awesome Tribute****


Support our Military

Visit our Soldier's Tribute

" I Kissed My Son Goodbye " by Sandy Soffe


<a href= " http://www.link4u.com/kissedmyson.htm " >AOL Users see it here</a>


Visit all our webcards and fun at: http://www.link4u.com



Four room DISH Satellite System for FREE!

The same system that sells for $897.00

in stores!


<a href= " http://www.sendapage4u.com/offers/email.htm " >AOL Users visit Here</a>



Please DO NOT REPLY to this email it has

been sent from a mail service and will

not reach the person who sent it. We provide the

persons email in this message if you wish to reply

to them.

This is a service provided by SendaPage4U.com.

This is a convenient way to recommend a website to your friends.

If you do not know Tracie you may ignore

this message. To report abuse go to:


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