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Most of us don't need the chondritin as we aren't trying to rebuild cartlidge. All the stuff I'm reading isn't showing significant changes in cartlidge renewal, but the MSM does work to take away alot of the pain. If you take just plain MSM Powder-- you will see significant improvement in muscle pain, ligament pain, joint pain-- as this is the REAL foundation to help those structures.

It's one of those where if what you are using is working-- stick with it. From personal experience-- there wasn't enough MSM in the combination (MSM-Chondriton) to make the difference I've gotten from the PUREMSM. I absolutely swear by the stuff.




Getting there....I'm so glad I joined this group....that tiny glimmer of sunshine is starting my thaw......I am reading up on the MSM Mineral....powder versus capsules?... .looks like a really good thing to have around....take it daily?....how often?....what dosage?....will it help this knot I have in the back of my throat?....constant post-nasal drip *blech*.....phew! I can feel my toes now ;)P.S. Thanx to all those who replied, you're making a difference!! !!

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