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Re: update on Jess

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Your optimimism is showing...that is what I really like about you. I am

glad you are already looking to go back to school. Take care of

yourself and I will check in peroidically. My LP results will be given

to mne at my appointment ont he 3rd or 4th of December.

Terri G.


> I am slowly getting around now, still my vision is blurry, I hate not

being able to see tv, but atleast i can hear it. lol makes for a boring

day thou.

> Hope all is going well for everyone, you all are in thoughts daily.

> welcome to all new members I may have missed and happy birthday to all

that is having one. Seths birthday was on the 15th while i was in the

hospital,, I feel so bad. so today I mad him meatballs and spagetti for

dinner. it took me all day but I got it done. now to just rest until

Sherif, and seth gets home tonight and we can enjoy our first dinner

together since i went into the hospital.

> The one and only class the dr said i could keep going to this semester

is sending my homework in the mail so i keep caught up. so hopefully I

feel better to start it tomorrow. I am not going back to school till

after the first and when I see my Neuro dr again, see if he gives me the


> well rest everyone and many blessings and hugs to all and a pain free




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