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Re: Not Feeling well, & award for deans list

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Hi I am a radiation oncologist who has done radiosurgery since 1990 with

the gamma knife and the Linac scapel

I had to quit practice when I developed neurosarcoid of the spinal cord

Gamma knife has not been used but should work

It is less invasive than conventional neurosurgery

Where is your lesion?

I answer email at Veneford@... and just got this e-mail address at

yahoo to see what was happening in this group

Write me if you want more info


> Hi gals and guys,

> This has been my third day I have been in such pain. My Oxycontin meds

ran out 3 days ago and the precription is in the mail, and as you all

know the patch and pill form is a class of narcodic that the dr can not

call in. So I have to wait for it to come in the mail. I've been taking

my ES vicoden around the clock to keep from going through withdraw and

it is helping, but the severe pain in the left side of my head is still

there. I can feel the exact spot where the pain is, and of course it is

where the leison is. I just wish they could take it out , it is pressing

on a nerve and it is so bad. but as in the past the Neuro surgeron said

he would remove brain tissue and its not the worth the risk.

> I keep seeing this gamma knife has anyone used that to remove the

lessions we get from this NS ?

> Last nite was my Deans list award and I could hardly make it through

it. but I didn't want to miss that. I will attach a pic of the awards to

share some good news. I just wish it didn't have to come with such a

price of this severe pain!

> Thank you for letting me vent, I have a feeling if this pain does not

give up which I am sure it will not, I will be in the Er.

> many blessings everyone and a pain free day for you all. PS I am

second from the right in the white sweater and glasses.



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