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Re: Has anyone gone to Nouveau Prosthetics in Hazlet, NJ?

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Thank you all so much for your advice. I was hoping that someone can

tell me that Nouveau Prosthetics is good, then I won't have to be so

concerned. They use StarBand at Nouveau Prosthetics. I heard that

Starband is just as good as DOC band. The only problem is that unlike

DOC band, the practitioners are not necessarily trained.

We have Empire Bluecross Blueshield HMO plan. If we do decided to go

with Cranial Tech., I doubt that we can get anything back...

The thing is that my husband and his family are all against the idea

of having the babies wear helmets. They think that it's so cruel and

that the babies are already cute, even with a slanted face. No one is

perfect anyway so there is no need. The only reason my husband would

let me do it is so that I won't go crazy over this matter anymore. I

am trying to make this experience as painless as it can be,

financially and physically (Hazlet is closer to us than Paramus).

> & gt;

> & gt; Has anyone gone to Nouveau Prosthetics in Hazlet, NJ recently?

> & gt; I'm a mother of 2 10 months old twin boys. We live in central NJ.

> & gt; When the boys were 2 months old, people noticed that their heads

> were

> & gt; very flat in the back. I asked my pediatrician about it. He

> & gt; recommended more tummy time. We tried to put them on their tummy

> all

> & gt; the time. But we didn't see much improvement. After a while, even

> & gt; their face became more and more asymmetric. One baby has the right

> & gt; side of his face bulging out, and the other one has the left side

> of

> & gt; the face bulging out. We went to another pediatrician. She thinks

> & gt; that their heads are not that bad. She prescribed them to more

> tummy

> & gt; time, too. But I was already giving them tummy time almost 24/7!

> By

> & gt; the time they are 9 months old I decided that tummy time is not

> going

> & gt; to help reshaping their heads. We went to Cranial Tech. in

> Paramus,

> & gt; NJ for a free consultation. The people were nice there. But it

> & gt; turned out that they are not in our insurance network. The only

> one

> & gt; that's in our insurance network is this Nouveau Prosthetics in

> Hazlet,

> & gt; NJ which I've never heard of. If we go to Nouveau Prosthetics, our

> & gt; insurance would cover the expense 100%. If we go to Cranial Tech.,

> & gt; then we'd have to pay for everything ourselves. Since I couldn't

> find

> & gt; any good review about this place, I am not sure whether I should go

> & gt; there. I don't want their heads to become worse than they are

> now.

> & gt; Can anyone give me advice? Thank you so much!!

> & gt;

> & gt;

> & gt; Mother of 10 months old twin boys, central NJ

> & gt;


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