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Re: LA area newbie confused.

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Thanks for the encouragement!! It really helps me feel at peace with

our decision. When you have one set of doctors telling you one thing

and the exact opposite with another, you start questioning


Actually, it was neither doctor. I beleive he was a Japanese man-

very nice. I just can't believe they don't do any measurements. All

they said was " there is no facial asymmetry-she will be fine as long

as you reposition. " I found an article online where I could just

tell that this LA team of doctors were not supportive of helmet

therapy. The head of the department was pro repositioning and the

theory that by the time they're 2 years old, their heads will have

rounded out on their own.

Thanks again!

> >

> > my 7 month old daughter with palgio/ tort just saw dr. john


> this week and was

> > given a prescription for a cranial orthotic. my daughter also

> has moderate hypotnia (low

> > muslce tone) that contributes to her plagio. dr graham gave

> me " the list " of providers -

> > and i asked him if there were any providers he preferred and he

> said " they're all good " - i

> > didn't realize that each of the providers offer a different type


> orthotic - i'm wondering if

> > some types of orthotics are helpful for different types of

> deformities? she has a CI of 77%

> > and DD of 1.2cm - mild frontal bossing. our PT says she has more

> experience with the

> > more traditional type helmet ( like at lerman & son ). i noticed

> some people had bad

> > experiences at that place. PT thinks it would be better for her

> head shape. not sure what

> > to do

> >

> > i read the 'files' section of the board and that was helpful...we

> have an appt at cranial tech

> > in pasedena next week.

> >

> > has anyone been to stellar prosthetics? any feedback?

> >

> > thanks

> >

> > Deb

> >


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