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Re: last question...doc band or starband ?

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Yes, starbands are heavier with a smaller opening. They have thicker

foam, so can be worn a bit longer. Docband is a max of 16 weeks.

However that is intentional because CT feels that they have optimized

the holding power, so that after 16 weeks the band wouldn't be as

effective, even if there is foam left to remove. So according to heir

philosophy you wouldn't benefit from being able to wear a starband

longer. My daughter wore her starband for 20 or 21 weeks, but I have

no idea if she would have been done quicker in a docband, required a

second band,....

Also all Docbands are plain white - you can paint it or decorate it

yourself. With starbands you can pick a pattern or color for the

helmet. Not something to base your decision on, but once you decide

which you'll go with you would probably want to know that too.

Let us know how things go at scope and what you decide.


sydney 2 yrs starband grad

> >

> > First of all, I am so glad that I joined this group. You all have


> > sooooooooooo very helpful. I am sorry that I have been asking a

lot of

> > questions. i am guilty of being a board hog! I thank you for your

> > time and patience. I am just freaking out here.

> >

> > Okay, I got an appt tomorrow at 8am with Scope,a company that


> > the Starband. My insurance will pay for 70% of this band...or so they

> > say!!! I also have an appt at 8:30 with Cranial Technolgies for the

> > DOC band initial fitting, where they take the pics and order the


> > The insurabce will likely not cover any of the purchace price of the

> > band. Given your experiences with both bands...what are the pros and

> > cons that you have encountered with the Starband and Doc bands.

> >

> > Should I change my Doc Band appt to next week so I have more time to

> > consider my options? Cranial Tech wants payment in full tomorrow!

> >

> > Okay...I think thats it.......

> >


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