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Re: 5htp

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Hi April,

A doctor mentioned to me that my son Billy, who is slow to react to

biomedical interventions, would probably do well on an SSRI at a very

low dose since there is a family history of depression (not me, I'm

fine). When I asked my DAN! doc about this, he said it would be the

very last intervention we would try. He felt that too many ASD kids

were put on SSRIs w/o enough scientific research to back the protocol.

I put him on 5HTP instead and his mood has improved consistently.

Solaray's 5HTP was gross, but Natural Balance makes a very palatable

form. It's always in capsules, but we have to put it in food since my

guy is only 3 1/2 and cannot swallow pills.


Mom to Billy and Colby SCD (somewhat nut dietish) since March


> I am wondering what everyone thinks of this. My great new doc

prescribes Paxil. I read up on it after we fill the rx and the side

effects are really scary. She has her kids on Buspar a little less

scary. Then I remember some people on one my groups talking about

5htp it sounds really good. We are a mild case of autism, if there is

such a thing, the doc says he's high functioning. He stims alot with

his hands, active almost hyper, sleep issues, probably GI issues but

he's all in all a great kid. Also memorizes and recalls at random tv

show dialogue and radio dialogue. Can be funny other times its pretty

embarrassing when we go into the local grocery store in our little

town and he yells " Yo rescue pack! " from Dora and Diego. She has a

backpack he has a rescue pack to rescue animals in the wilderness.

FYI. Anyhow, it seems more natural to try the 5htp over Paxil.


> Any comments and/or suggestions would be helpful. We are having

trouble with SCD. Some recipes taste less than desirable. I really

want some good bread!!!! No matter what we are staying with the

yogurt. I will get my $39.99 out of that machine. Its really nice.

My gut is fighting back. Can't find activated charcoal and the

pharmacy guy looked at me like a terrorist buying amonia or

plutonium!!! I'm just a mom with a special kid for goodness sakes.

After we get tests back from Great Smokey Labs on the BM samples will

probably start enzymes. At least no-phenol.


> I need some direction. I feel lost. I feel torn. I have a good

doc but I don't want him on drugs if there is something than can help

regulate mood, sleep and appetite if 5htp can really do that! I read

somewhere about nightmares, is that true of 5htp? I am also

considering for me. I have depressive periods and tired of ssri's not

really working or making me feel uncomfortable.


> Sorry so long.

> April (mom to Matt 7yo ASD, GI etc., plus 3yo NT trying SCD

but my husband is being weird about it!)


> __________________________________________________


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