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Re: Having Doubts

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Oh my word. That's really intersting about the social workers using

the flattened head characteristic as an indication of neglect. I

guess it kinda makes sense, but I would die if someone openly accused

me of neglect because has plagio. I mean his ped would vouch

that he had torticollis and all, but not the point. And us moms have

got to stop feeling so guilty and blaming ourselves. That is one

thing I have heard from so many moms, they feel guilty about a

variety of things when they are really doing the best they can.

Plagio is probably one of those things that it's really tempting to

feel guilty about. We just need to stop! ()

> > >

> > > Am I doing the right thing? My son was diagnosed with


> &

> > > plagio at his 2mo well visit. His ped gave us instructions for

> the

> > > tort and that was fairly easily resolved at home over the next

> two

> > > months. By then he had moderate plagio and we did repositioning

> for

> > > the following two months. The plagio worsened and 's

> forehead

> > > started bulging out on one side, and his eyes and ears grew out

> of

> > > alignment. His ped prescribed a helmet at his 6mo well visit


> a

> > > month later he started wearing a STARband. He's had it for four

> > > weeks and we've already seen improvement. It is exciting to see

> the

> > > difference and the helmet no longer bothers him at all. It's


> > > it's not even there. That being said, I'm starting to have


> > > thoughts about this whole helmet thing. It occurred to me that

> > > before I had my own children I worked in child care centers for

> 2.5

> > > years and taught 1st and 2nd grade for 5 years. In the entire

> time I

> > > was working with these young children I never noticed anyone's

> head

> > > being misshapen. Maybe I'm just not that observant, but never


> 7.5

> > > years did I think, " Why is his/her head flat? " Until was

> > > diagnosed, I had never heard of plagio or babies wearing


> > > helmets. So, my question is, what if the doctors that are

> > > saying, " It will round out on it's own. " are right? If it takes


> > > helmet to correct plagio, why were all those kid's heads that I

> > > taught `just fine'? Are there any studies/formal research about

> > > helmet therapy vs. no treatment? How do we know this is the way

> to

> > > go?

> > >

> > > Langston

> > > * 8mo * tort resolved * left plagio * STARband four weeks

> > > Conner * 2yrs * never banded * Charlie Brown head (except with

> hair)

> > >

> >


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