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Re: Re: Happy Mother's Day to all of you incredible mothers!!!!

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As we approach the day to acknowlege us, I don't take for granted what we do.

...May our children rise up and call us blessed... Proverbs 31


PS- Suzanne, what you're doing sounds awesome... I wish I'd known to do that

when my son was younger.

Suzanne wrote:

My son is not on a low-protein diet, but he cannot eat fruits, nuts,

eggs, legumes or dairy, so his only foods are vegetables and meats.

In order to keep his diet from being too meat-heavy, he gets a lot

of his calories from oils and vegetables. It means that his meals

are large and frequent - 5 30-minute meals a day with large servings

of two or three vegetables. He simply has to eat a lot to get enough

calories this way.


> >

> > We started the SCD diet as a family 2 months ago to assist my 3

> yo's

> > gut in healing. For some reason, I thought a supplement holiday

> was

> > in order and took my 2 *targets* off their daily regime for one

> week.

> > As a result, my 5 yo's stuttering resumed with a vengeance,

> staying

> > bad even after re-introducing the supplements.

> >

> > We follow Dr. Amy Yasko's protocol and have had excellent


> I

> > posted on her Autism Answer website and some of the Moms shared

> that

> > high protein could be causing the stuttering. I limited the

> protein

> > and did some *ammonia protocol* treatment and now the stuttering

> is

> > gone again, for which we are all thankful!!

> >

> > Now I'm wondering how to keep going on SCD while limiting


> It

> > seems most every meal I make has been centered around protein.


> > muffins are very high protein, any meat or cheese is high


> > even the yoghurt is protein, right?

> >

> > I have 4 SCD recipe books and many of the recipes involve eggs,


> > cheese, meats, etc. How the heck do you create a meal plan for a

> > family -- long term while limiting protein to once a day???

> >

> > My little guy (3 yo) still needs cooked fruits and veggies --


> > running out of ideas here.

> >

> > I've been over many, many hurdles the past 2 years and this one

> seems

> > higher than the rest. I could use some great ideas, ladies! Feel

> free

> > to e-mail me personally as well.

> >

> > Thank you,

> >

> > , hurdling in Iowa

> > Family of 6 SCD for 2 months

> >


For information on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, please read the book

_Breaking the Vicious Cycle_ by Elaine Gottschall and read the following





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