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Hi all....I've been recently diagnosed with PSC...and maybe Crones or

UC... LUCKY ME!...The last two months have been a blur....Been going

through this for a year...long story....Maybe I've had it when my old

GI said I had " fatty liver " four years ago....Anyway....My new GI

sent me to UCI medical center and they tried to get into my major

papilla (but couldn't it, was closed up like Lehman bros!) Why

couldn't they do it???...They didn't put me under with a general

anesthesia, local only!... so I guess I fought like mother protecting

her young.... I went back to my GI and they quickly got me re-

scheduled (apparently UCI is the best place to go around here because

the have a ERSP device with ultra sound at the end of it) I go back

on the 26th of Jan...In the meantime I went back to my GI and under

General ERSP... I had a very small stent but into my Major papilla

(to let the bile flow)and a bunch of stuff has happened ever since...

The itching stopped (a good thing)

I'm sore in my upper chest area

No appetite

Have had chills and fever along with nausea

Dia-dodo with blood

I'm tired a bunch

I'm glad I had the ERCP because it stop the severe itching...now it

only mild....but all this other stuff is this normal for PSCer? If

so,... I'm sorry for us all, but I'm not one to back down from a

challenge! Any ideas were to start?

Don in San Clemente.

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