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Input on new idea, please!

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Hi everyone,

It seems we've been having more people than ever joining our online

communities for HSP and PLS.

I've been trying to come up with a program to better welcome them and make

them feel connected to people where they are located and even provide some

service. You know how alone and even frightened we can feel when we think we

are the only one out there and know so little about our conditions!

It's so wonderful that some of us do annual or semi-annual Connections so

this is something they could add on to that or, someone else in their area could

do it, or it could be a new idea for a new area.

One early concept that never really moved along was having appointed

" Ambassadors " in various states or regions who would be the Welcomers to new


in their area and facilitate some support/information/networking services.

So, I'm looking for input on this. In other words, what would an Ambassador

do? And, who would be interested in this?

Here's my brainstorming:

1. We'd let the Ambassador know when a new person in their area subscribes

to the HSPList, PLS Friends or E-News so she could send out a welcome email

and introduce herself.

2. We could give the Ambassador a list of names we already have in her area

and she could email them all and let them know they are all part of the same


3. Some things they may want to do:

- communicate within their group to develop a local resource list of medical


- develop a local resource list for medical goods

- develop a local resource list for info and support things they can reach

out to, like, the annual Abilities Expos or local MDA groups that embrace our


4. Of course when and if they are ready, they could figure out a place to

meet for coffe, lunch or dinner to meet in person. Or just go out for fun.

My group went on a tour to the Anheuser Busch Factory once and it was a lot of

fun. Another time we went on a dinner cruise.

5. Maybe there would be a sub-group of kids or young adults with our

conditions who could become networked, too

6. Maybe the spouses would like to communicate with one another

7. Maybe make a list of ways to do advocacy or get advocacy help

8. Maybe a state could make it's own Quilt Square

This was just a brainstorming list!

What are your thoughts? I'm thinking to keep it simple and set up in a way

that the Ambassador could take it where she/he wanted to go, depending upon

her interest and area. Some areas have lots of " us " and others have very few


And, who would like to get involved with this? You can email me here or to

my own email at _kathigeisler1@..._ (mailto:kathigeisler1@...)



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