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New Baby / Blondie / Jean: My Grandkids history

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Oh Lordy - the story of the kiddos.... LOL

Ok... All total I have 4 grandchildren.

1) Grandson from her first husband: 1st husband has custody.

He's a sweetie. I have to struggle to maintain contact with him, since

they are divorced, and recently the first husband divorced his second

wife also, who was a very stabilizing influence in my grandson's life.

I hope I don't lose contact all together! He's 13 now.

2) Second, (and all remaining kids) are from the husband that I've des-

cribed to you, the one that's dead. (By the way... you're right, he


do the world a favor by putting himself out of his misery.) I meant to

say that in former email...

Anyhow - second child is the granddaughter I had custody of very

briefly, and her and I have a bond that cannot be described with

words. She knows it, I know it, in fact, I think all who know us

know it. I love her more than words can express. She is 6.

3) Another granddaughter. I have only seen her about three times,

but she is so very sweet. She was a more serious child. Troubled.

You could tell that from when she was a baby. During the time that

daughter and the nut were together, they gave 'temporary' custody

to the nut's mother. I can elaborate more on this later, but as I said

earlier, I'm running out of time. I hope to God this little girl is


healthy, and cared for. She is 5

4) Lastly, another grandson. He was only about 1 year and 3 months

old when his father shot and killed himself. Father did it right in


same house, baby was supposedly asleep. The baby could have

easily been hit, as Nut had the shotgun waving around in the room

next to his before daughter talked him into their bedroom, where he

finally accomplished his mission after saying his last words to her of:

" Watch this, bitch " . (Horrible, horrible...)

Anyhow - the baby was like a little animal sort of. Totally

uncared for during all the chaos going on in their home. The Nut

always took center stage. When I would see this baby, every time

I would think, oh Lord, there's something wrong with him.

Now that their lives are a bit more normal than when Nut was alive,

I am thinking it just might have been from lack of attention, and

from all the upheaval, cussing, beatings, that went on. Poor little

boy! Yes, Jean, I am attached to him. Oh how I tried not to be,

not knowing what would happen to him, or wondering if he, too

would be a victim, or somehow disappear with another relative!

He is now 3 1/2, and he is pretty sweet, and hopefully with

the attention of his Mom, and the Nut gone, he will be okay!

She continues to stay alone, thank goodness -

But she does have a man she is seeing, who is the one bringing her here for

the visit. Oh how I pray that it will be a good one.


In a message dated 1/13/2006 11:19:08 A.M. Central Standard Time,

cascorsam@... writes:


Tell me something, if your last grandchild was born in 2002, it's been 3+

years now. Did you ever get attached or have you been able to remain


My granddaughter is now almost 11 months and is getting really to the cute

stage ( I have never been one who likes infants, I used to say the only 2

infants I could even tolerate were my own due to a lack of " No Other

Choice " ).

But Emerson is now getting into the " cute " stage and she claps and laughs


waves at me as soon as she sees me. I can feel myself softening. I have

bopught her lots of clothes for this and next year. I love those end of


sales and is there anything as adorable as little girl clothes!!!!!!!!!! I

just don't want to be as emotionally involved as I am with the boys.


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I know the " bond " of which you speak. I have an extremely strong one with

, my 7 yr old grandson and one almost as strong with , the 6 yr

old. They are 16 months apart in age and very close to each other as well as

to me. Loving, wonderful children on " most " days !!!!! I think the extra

special bond with the older however may have to do with his being the 1st

grandchild (I was always MY grandmother's favorite---she made no secret of it

with my cousins who still bring it up 50+ yrs later).

I hope your day and visit with your daughter goes well and I hope this guy

she is with is a good one for everyone's sake,


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