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Don't give up on anything. Losing weight is a struggle we all deal with in

different ways. Eat as healthy as you possible can-seems to be the doctors say

if you eat healthy you have a better chance of helping your body. I was

diagnosed in April 2006 with PF,Raynauds and Sjorgrens. I had to stop working in

Oct 06, not because of my lung disease at that point, but my muscle disease. As

it turned out I went on Oxygen at that time which I though was only going to be

at night BUT it was permanent 24/7 for me also. I applied in April of 2008 after

I had my stroke(my work disability ran out then) for SSI and by June I had my

first check. We had written to our congressman and local politicians to help

push it thru so we didn't lose our house ect. It did help even though we didn't

know anyone. I thank God we wrote to them and they helped us. We are so young

when diagnosed with this disease process and we all seem to fall thru the

cracks. I was 49 then and didn't even feel like I was going to make my 50th! I

did and have been trying to keep fighting ever since. So don't give up. Hang in

there and ask lots of questoins. Good luck!

Diane 51 PF,PM,Raynauds,Sjorgrens 2006 PH2008

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