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" Subject: Re: Re: food plans from nutritionists " ........ I'm a little behind

onreading but i would like to comment on nutritionists classes, etc.... when i

was diagnosed a few years ago, my doctor set me up for one on one classes with a

registered dietitian.... it was her understanding that Medicare would pay for

it..... my situation was a little unique in that I really had a hard time

getting transportation and bought things only once a month after my social

security payment..... I was having a hard time figureing how to balance my diet

in order to cope with this new problem.....

She worked with me and came up with good ideas as to what I could do......and I

planned to make two or three follow-up appointments... then I got the news from

medicare that they would pay half of it...still leaving me with about $60.00 to

pay.... I really did get enough information that it was worth the money I had to

pay... but had I known it would cost me so much, I probably wouldn't have


Funny thing, my sister-in-law(Sue) enrolled in a 5-6 day class that her

insurance paid for and she was able to bring a support person free, so I went

with her..... had I been enrolled myself, Medicare wouod probably have paid

half.... now, she and I go to a monthly support meeting at that same hospital

where we learn the same thing, plus all the new stuff as a free class to the

public....all they have to do is come to the meetings.....

Now, it wasn't the dietitians fault that Medicare screwed us around...it was

mostly how the hospital billed for the class.....I think they have since then

started billing differently and medicare pays like it should.... I have nothing

but good things to say about the dietitian...what she told me was excellent and

up to date.... she is frequent lecturer at the support group.... the RN who is

certified as our regular instructor is also excellent and stays up to

date......I can't imagine her telling me I had an information overload.....

there is no such thing if you are a thinking, learning person....

The big problem about internet research is that it can give you a lot more info

than you want or need and as a thinking and reasoning person, it's up to you to

decide what's best for you.... when I first started my research, I found a lot

of information was out of date.... so I had to become informed on what was

current....... and you also have to be sceptic enough, that just because you

read it off the internet, you must believe it....NOT!!!! if you have enough

intelligence to go out on the net and research, you probably have the capacity

to check and see if the information has a basis in truth.....

You should never stop asking and learning..... and accept that there is no

magic answer in this diabetes that we have.... but there are answers..... and we

just have to keep up with them...and not expect miracles..... we have to do the

work..... there have been so many advances in the last few years....some of them

seem almost like a miracle......

As usual, I've rambled on with nore words than necessary....but I'm going to

stop now....grin

Later Goldie

Goldie , Living in Missouri Ozarks

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