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First of all, Happy New Year to you all and to our new members who

will need a lot of help to keep them going. I hope your New Year of

2009 will have many many days and nights of peace, love and comfort.

My Pulmonologist called this morning, and he said I did not sound

good at all, so he is coming to see me at home. He will call first.

I know he does not live far from here. As far as the oxygen goes,

going to a higher amount does not do any good, but what DOES do good

is STAYING PUT if you get me. I have to learn to sit and not do

anything, either watch tv or do computer work. Eat slowly, walk

slowly and totally change ME. I don't know, I have gone full speed

ahead all my life, and I have continually heard it all the time from

you guys here on the board over and over too. My breathing condition

is my own fault, not paying attention to what I am told to do. I do

know that the very very shortness of breath is due to moving at all.

That part I don't like. Haven't even been able to cook anything and

that is my joy. I am weak and tired, but not sleepy tired, it is the

kind of tired from inside my bones.

The pulmo told me that there is nothing he can do for me and there is

nothing new on the market at this time for my condition, my lungs are

very stiff. Had complete physical last week before eye surgery and

he said I have fibrosis and it is what it is. And so, I will

continue, I promise, to say every day: I LOVE YOU THIS DAY.

I try so hard to be the Persistent Fighter, but my bones are tired

and I can't do anything anymore since this week. My eye is coming

along, no pain or discomfort there, so just continuing the drops, no

big deal there.

I do hope that you all will stay well and stay happy no matter what

happens to you, enjoy every breath God gives you. and please always





IPF - 02

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