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Interesting. Is there repositioning or anything that could help

it? I would think that if by 5-6 months her head shape hasn't

changed (and assuming you aren't happy with it) then I would

recommend going to Cranial Tech or the like to get an evaluation.

I've heard that a lot of neurosurgeons are against banding because

they are looking more at cranio and other things. Good luck.

> >

> > Hello my friends...all of your prayers worked!

> > We met with a head Neurosurgeon at Children's Hosp of

Philadelphia, who

> > took one quick look at her and said NO. She does NOT have

cranio!!! He

> > was like, yes, she has an odd shape in the back, but she will

grow into

> > it. I have seen this before, she is fine.Thank GOODNESS!

> > Thanks for being so supportive! This isnt my end to the group, I


> > keep in touch and show you how her head progresses- incase

someone like

> > Greta joins the group, they will know what this is.

> > All it is, is a " prominant occiput "

> > Case closed!!!

> > Bye for now:)

> > And good luck to ALL of you!

> > Marcy

> > Mommy to 17 months, and Greta 2 months " Prominant

Occiput "

> >









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