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Re: orthotist vs. therapist?

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Depending on your insurance, you may get the band paid for with

10mm. We started at 8mm assymetry and insurance paid 80% which is

what we expected from our policy. Good luck in your decision. I'm

sure a 10mm looks great when he started at 20mm; however, I know for

us an 8mm didn't look good (we were also told that was the high-end

of moderate from CT).


> > >

> > > Hi-I have two consultations set up next week. One is for the

> STARBand

> > > right here in Raleigh, and treatment would be done by an

> orthotist.

> > > The other is in Charlotte at Cranial Tech for the DOCBand

and I

> found

> > > out they are physical therapists there. Is that the case at


> > > Cranial Techs that you know of? Should I be concerned that


> are

> > > not certified orthotists? In my mind, I was already leaning

> toward CT

> > > because they have way more experience with older children (my

> son is

> > > 16 months old). But this orthotist vs. therapist question is

> > > concerning me now. Has anyone made a similar decision?

Should I

> be

> > > worried? Thanks for your time!

> > > in Raleigh

> > > Mom to Jake (16 months)

> > >

> >


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