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Re: Northern New York

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Hi Amy,

Our insurance paid 100%. The cost for a starband ranges from

$1800-$3000 or so depending where you live. You need a prescription to

get a band. You can get it from your ped, or your ped may prefer to

refer you to a specialist. We saw a cranio facial plastic surgeon. You

can get a consultation without a prescription, but if you have to

drive 3 hours you probably want to get the Rx before you go. Here is

more info on the starscanner:


Some orthos who have scanners do only banding. I would think the

scanner is fairly expensive, so those that have them tend to do a fair

number of bands - but you would want to check. The scanner takes a

bunch of images of the head at the same time. From them a model is

generated on the computer, so you can see an image of the head

shape, measurements etc. The computer model is used to make the band

for your child.

My daughter's brachy was severe. She wore her band for 5 mo. At the

end she had outgrown the band and gotten a lot of correction (I think

she went from 97% to 85%). She still has some extra width and a

little flatness at the top/back but overall looks good.


sydney 2 yrs starband grad

> >

> > Hi~

> > I am new to this group and it appears that most of you moms are very

> > knowledgable about plagio. I have posted before about

repositioning my

> > son. I think that the repositioning is starting to work, however I am

> > skeptical and think that he still might need a band. He is 7 1/2 mo.

> > old and I started repositioning at 5 1/2 mo. old. I have asked our

> > doctors about banding, but they don't think that he needs it. They


> > that it will fix itself over time and just keep him off of it. They

> > told me that he won't get that " nice rounded " look like before,

but not

> > to worry it will get better. I posted some pics to get some opinions

> > in the photos section under " Aiden. " His head is still pretty flat in

> > back and I don't know if the repositioning will fix that. Any

> > suggestions will be appreciated. I live in northern new york by

> > syracuse. I am familiar with Cranial Tech and have looked them up.

> > How does the Starband work and can any orthotist do them? Thanks, Amy

> >








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