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Re: Has anyone ever heard of this or tried it?

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Thanks for the advice. If I try it, I'll post and let everyone know

if it's any good. We have an appt. next Tues. to see if she needs a

helmet. My son had a helmet but his was really bad (both were born

wit tort). Lauryn's doesn't look as bad as her brother's did so I

wasn't too sure if she would require the helmet but based on some of

the before and after pics I saw on this site, I'm thinking she will

need one. If she ends up needing the helmet, I will probably skip

trying the sleep wrap.

> >

> > I've been looking for a way to keep my 4 mo. old daughter off the

> left

> > side of her head, she has tort and Plagio. When I put her down at

> > night she immediately turns her head way over to the left. We've

> been

> > doing PT for two months but she's not responding well to it. I

> only

> > feel comfortable putting her on her side in a sleep positioner

> when I

> > can keep an eye on her because she moves a lot in her sleep. By

> moves

> > a lot, I mean she actually ends up on the opposite side of her

> crib

> > every night. I left her alone in the positioner one day and found

> her

> > with her head between the two wedges so it scared me enough not to

> use

> > it when I can't keep an eye on her. Anyway I was searching online

> and

> > found this site http://www.safetsleep.com/. It's a sleep wrap

> that

> > appears to keep the baby in one place so you could put them on

> their

> > side or put something to keep their head to one side. Just

> curious if

> > anyone had any experience with it.

> >







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