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Re: Ear Offset Worse

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Last night I measured the ears myself and they are both moving back

at the same distance. But we measured from the eyes so I don't know

if that would even be an accurate measurement. We have two

appointments to go to, one with the Cranio Facial and one with our

nuerosurgeon. Again, his helmet seems like it fits fine. I noticed

one side bulges out more, but that is the flat side. How are your

doctors measuring the ears? I just used a sewing measuring tape

(the long flexible tape measure) and measured from the corner of his

eye to his ear. Both measurements were 1/8 longer than last time.

Does that make sence. It doesn't make sense to me how the helmet

could be making it worse because it really isn't putting pressure on

any one area. When he lies on his back there is a space up front,

and when he lies on one side there is space on the other maybe 3/8

of an inch. I just really don't know if it is me or if the helmet

is making his head shape change in the wrong direction. Also, I

wanted to comment that BCBS has denied our claim for the time being

until they received a Letter of Medical Necessity from our doctor

and then they said that would pay it. So I don't know what to

expect. Everybody I talk to says that the insurance companies don't

usually pay, but every time I have talked to them they seem like

that are going to approve it. We have had one submission so far and

they send me a letter saying they needed more info from my doc. So

we are crossing our fingers.....

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