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Re: Facial Assymetry

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I'm so happy to hear things are going in a positive direction for you

now! Let us know when her band is in and how she's adjusting.

> >

> > I can explain the limp left arm. Phoebe had delayed

> development of

> her

> > right side because she looks to the left, and we have to

> stretch her

> > to the right (opposite of you guys). They told me that it

> would fix

> > itself as we stretched her neck and she started being able to

> see the

> > right side. It was true! After a few weeks, she discovered her

> right

> > hand. I guess " out of site, out of mind " applies here. Help

> your baby

> > notice the left side when you're playing. Eventually it will

> all

> > click, and then the left side will start getting as much use

> as the

> > right. Hugs!

> >

> >


> She's right! My son had the same thing happening on

> his left

> side. After just a few weeks of doing the correct stretches, he


> started using his left side. I'm just saying that we saw him

> getting

> worse for 6 weeks and I hit my breaking point and got referred

> to a top

> pediatric PT in our area at our hospital and immediately we were

> told

> we were not stretching the correct side and that is why he

> wasn't

> improving. Once we started the correct exercises within a few

> weeks he

> was fine. We also saw the facial asymmetry get worse through

> the

> course of that. Good luck with the DOC Band, you should rest

> easier

> now!


> Donna, mom to , 10 months old, waiting for 2nd DOC Band








> For more plagio info

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