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Re: Chris, 13mm; +5

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yesterday went well. He is still adjusting as it is soooo

hot here in Phoenix. Where will you be going? I forgot to tell you

that I asked a similar question a couple weeks ago and I got one

reply were a baby went from 100% to 89% cephalic index in 8 weeks.

I thought that was pretty good. Take care and keep in touch.


, 6 months, left tort/plagio/brachy

DOCband 5/8/06


Thanks for your reply...good luck to you! Which CT location do you

go to?

> Our son is 6 months old this Wed. and he will be fitted tomorrow

for his DOC band. I cannot tell you yet how he will do. But he

also has 4.5 deviations from standard on his cephalic index. He is

96.2% and the norm is 73.7%. His CVA is 12mm. Keep us in mind and

I will let you know how it goes as we go along the next few weeks.

CT thought it could be anywhere from 8-12 weeks.



> Bobbi

> 6 months, tort./plagio/brachy

> DOC band May 8


> > Our daughter will be 7 mos old this weekend, and after attempting

> > various repositioning techniques for months, we're planning to

get her into a docband. Repositioning succeeded in reducing her

facial assymmetry and minimizing the forehead bulge. It also

reduced the flatness on her right side, but it also increased

flatness on the back. She has been diagnosed as

plagio/brachy...moderate to high-moderate.

> >

Her assymmetry measured off by 13mm and her cephalic index was +5

vs. standard deviation. I'm not sure if this terminology is exactly

correct, but hopefully you know what I mean. I'm wondering if

anyone has babies with similar measurements, and what the results of

your treatment were?

> >

> > Thanks!

> > Cris

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