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San Marcos / Hays County EMS is now hiring all levels...

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San Marcos/Hays County Emergency Medical Services is currently

accepting applications for All Levels to staff an additional


SM/HC EMS main offices are located in beautiful San Marcos, Texas.

We provide 911 coverage to the majority of Hays County.

Personnel: We have a great group of field personnel – 36 FT

Paramedics, 9 EMT-B/EMT-I and 30 PRN Paramedics, EMT-B and EMT-I. (3

Ambulances are staffed Paramedic/Basic and 4 ambulances are staffed

Paramedic/Paramedic). Included in the field personnel are 3

Commanders, 6 Station Captains, 5 Field Training Officers, 1

Maintenance Captain and 1 Community Education Coordinator. Our

personel are actively involved in the yearly re-evaluation of

protocols and equipment through committees that meet throughout the


Medical Director: Dr. McNeill

Director of EMS – Tom Partin,

Director of Operations - R. Moseley

Call Volume: 9000 calls per year, though somewhat unevenly

distributed, is less than 4 calls per unit / per 24hr shift. Call

volumes are higher in the City of San Marcos and lower in the Buda

and Dripping Springs areas.

Protocols- Aggressive and progressive including in field C-spine

clearance, EZ IO, Rapid Sequence Induction and STEMI Program

including field administration of Heparin and Plavix. We encourage

our staff to seek higher standards of care with Airway Boot Camps

and a variety of lively discussions with our Medical Director at

monthly Medical Review.

Ambulances: Frazier Ambulances on Ford and GMC Chassis.

Schedule: Modified School Schedule(M,W)(Tu,Th)(Swing) – Schedules

repeat every three weeks for an average of 10 shifts a month. Our

schedule is helpful to those employees seeking to further their


- Sample Schedule-

Tuesday, Friday, Sunday – Thursday, Saturday – Tuesday, Thursday -

then back to week one

Salary: Regular hourly pay to 40hrs per week – All hours over 40 per

week paid at time and a half.

Paramedics Starting at $40,000 to $43,000 based on prior experience.

EMT-B / EMT-I Starting at $33,000 to $36,600 based on prior



Paid Time Off –Combined Sick and Vacation time (10% of Base Pay) –

Equaling about 13 paid shifts off per year. Unused PTO may be taken

as pay at the end of the fiscal year or rolled into the current year.

Retirement: Employer contribution after first year of employment –

Starting at 4% of base pay and increasing 1% per year to a maximum

of 7% of base pay per year.

* Base Pay is the total hours (regular and overtime) worked on

regular schedule and does not include any additional open shifts

picked up by the employee as overtime.

Employer provided – Medical Insurance (PPO Humana), Life Insurance,

Workers Compensation Insurance.

Family Medical insurance, Dental and Aflac are available.

Wednesday January 21st 2009

Hiring to staff 1 new ambulance Paramedics and Basics

Application Deadline: Jan 20th 5pm 2009

Please go to smhcems.com or call for more


Thank you all !!!

R. Moseley

Operations Director


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