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Re: Re: texas admin RULE §157.11? reguarding displaying the License on the vehicle

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In cases of these types of questions where the answer may impact how

your agency does business and that those actions or inactiond could

land you in a bad place if you do business wrong they are best

adressed to the TXDSHS Rep in your area. Heresay can get you bad


Louis N. Molino, Sr. CET


Typed by my fingers on my iPhone. Please excuse any typo's



> Does anyone have answers to a few questions here? 1) is the state

> now enforcing this rule or is there a grace period? 2) what is the

> penalty for not having this information displayed? 3) does this

> apply to all vehicles in the agency (ie: fire engines if a fire-based

> operation)? 4) does this apply to first responder agencies?








>>> " 3.11.7. Have the name of the provider and a current department

> issued

>>> EMS provider license number prominently displayed on both sides

> of the

>>> vehicle in at least 2 inch lettering. The letters TX shall

> precede the

>>> license number. This requirement does not apply to fixed wing

> aircraft. "


>>>> When does this rule go into effect and what is the deadline for

>>>> compliance cant find it on the website




>>> Chris






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