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Re: Sotalol causing renal damage...

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I knew that I read about Sotalol and the kidneys, but, as below, it doesn't

damage the kidney, but the dosage needs to be less if the kidneys are damaged

because Sotalol would stay in the body longer then. (There was a similar

situation with Atenolol, which my husband had been taking earlier.)

Re: Sotalol-- " Excretion is predominantly via the kidney in the unchanged form,

and therefore lower doses are necessary in conditions of renal impairment. Age

per se does not significantly alter the pharmacokinetics of sotalol, but

impaired renal function in geriatric patients can increase the terminal

elimination half-life, resulting in increased drug accumulation. "


So the relationship between Solatol and the kidney is if that if kidney function

is impaired, Sotalol is held in the body longer and the dosage should be less.

Shouldn't there be a test to check kidney function before giving Sotalol and

again from time to time to see if it has become impaired?

- - -

(Here's the information for Atenolol that works similarly to Sotalol re the

kidney and, in particular, the creatinin level is what should be tested.


Jo Anne

Re: Sotalol causing renal damage... I think not

Dear Everyone

I have never heard of sotalol causing renal damage. It is important to

check for sotalol levels in people with renal failure because the drug is

excreted by the kidneys and a little in the faeces. If you do not check the

levels of the drug in the blood the levels maybe come toxic and the worst thing

the patient may develop is a very very slow pulse. I am aware that the drug may

cause potassium and magnesium levels in the blood to drop (makes it important to

take magnesium supplements) but I do not know of any other thing that the drugs

does to kidney function. Is the doctor checking renal function because he

thinks the person had some renal impairment and this will determine how much

sotalol he can give to the patient.



Loretta cleaner@...> wrote:

I am on Sotalol and was taking Norvasc before my Sotalol was doubled. I

asked my cardiologist if I needed labs to check my kidney/liver function and he

said that taking Advil was more damaging to my kidneys than what I am taking. I

do get blood work annually, but are the rest of you on antiarrhythmics having

labs more often?


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