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The infusion consists of proteins and IgG antibodies. The IgG antibodies confer

natural or non-specific immunity and they most definitely reach either the fetus

or the mother's milk, as IgG antibodies are distributed throughout our body. It

is tue that IgG antidodies are already present in our bodies, but not at the

concentrations that are administered. I'm not suggesting that this is

ultimately harmful, in fact it is true that IVIG infusions have been used

successfully to address miscarriages by counteracting NK cells, which are

naturally occurring, but are known to cause miscarriages. And it successfully

addresses widespread inflammation, for reasons not fully understood. These

things are known due to the clinical not theoretical nature of the infusions.

There is simply much that they do not know about why they work.

It is just that anything at higher concentrations is potentially toxic to some

degree, whether it is natural or not. The side effects (toxic response) that

may result do not come about because the body has no problem with the infusion.



From: paulakip@...

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 14:55:40 +0000

Subject: rheumatic Re:Another newbie with questions

IVIG is safe for baby for several reasons. It only contains things

that naturally occur in our bodies, and it is not orally bioavailable,

meaning that any that passed into the digestive tract via breastmilk

stays there rather than going system wide. That is why it has to be

infused rather than given orally to us. Thanks for asking!



> Hi a,


> I have DM as well. I was diagnosed in oct1994 took prednisone only

at a very high dose (70mg) for a few months slowly weaning down to

25mg. Many ups and downs later, I finally found a GP who would

prescribe AP. I started the AP, generic Lederle, in Jun1998 at 100mg

twice a day. I reached remission/control around May 2000.

> During this time I took three immune system helpers - Moducare,

Colostrum and a Thymic Complex by a Dr. Bergsteiner.


> I read and post on www.rheumaticsupport.net as well and on that site

there was a lady with an auto-immune disease who had more than one

child while on erythromycin. She now has 9 children and the last one

has down's so she has not been posting.


> The moderators on that site may remember far more than I do about

erythromycin and breast feeding, etc.


> One question, is the IVIG good for the baby?


> Good luck,


> Carol_DM



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