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Re: Fw: Emailing: Baxter International Banned Its Heparin Blood-Thinning Products TopNews Health

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I've missed you....I am sorry you are in pain.

What kind of knee surgery are you waiting for? Hopefully not knee

replacements! My mother has those and has been sick ever since. She

just got officially diagnosed with fibromyalgia.



> Baxter International Banned Its Heparin Blood-Thinning Products |

TopNews HealthMy Dearest Ladies:


> We saw an ad on television yesterday that said Heparin has been

banned. I wonder if it could be causing some of my health problems?

The Cabraser firm is taking clients, this is frightening news.


> I am still not doing very well, but we hope that things get better

soon. The hospital has not called me for my knee surgery, and I am

tired of living in pain.


> Sending love and hope to everyone....Lea

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




> Emailing: Baxter International Banned Its Heparin Blood-

Thinning Products TopNews Health




> a.. United States Home

> Baxter International Banned Its Heparin Blood-Thinning Products

> Posted March 2nd, 2008 by a.. Featured a.. United

States A global healthcare company Baxter International has stopped

selling its heparin blood-thinning products, due to under suspicion

for 21 deaths and hundreds of allergic reactions in America.


> According to the officials, half of Heparin's raw ingredients

derived from the lining of pigs' intestines and comes primarily from



> The FDA acknowledged that it didn’t inspect a Chinese plant that

supplies the active ingredient for Baxter's heparin before approving

it because the agency mergd the plant's name with a different company.


> Baxter recalled its multidose vials of heparin on Jan. 17, but had

not recalled its single-dose individual vial products and a device

containing heparin called a Hep-Lock, because there have been no

reports of allergic reactions in patients using it.


> Heparin is vital in many medical and surgical procedures.


> Dr. Sidney Wolfe of worstpills.org said, " I don't understand why it

takes deaths and serious injuries to a large number of Americans

before the FDA wakes up this is clearly a wake up call. "


> The underlying cause of the allergic reactions is still unknown.


> , director of the FDA's division of field

investigations said, " We're concerned about what we've observed but

can't make links to the adverse events. "


> The only Baxter products remaining on the market that contain

heparin are premixed bags of IV solutions, but there have been no

adverse events reported.


> The financial impact of the recall on Baxter will be minimal.

Baxter had $11.3 billion in revenue last year. Heparin sales were

just $30 million for the year.

> Drugmakers must recheck their supply chains.




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