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New Info from www.brucefoods.com

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see below. wasn't sure if I should or could have just posted in

files so I just posted here.


The Bruce Foods Corporation is the proud supplier of several premium

brands. Food safety is paramount in the daily production of all of

our products and to that end we are committed to the purchase and use

of only healthful materials and ingredients. We have a program for

the management and labeling of all allergens.

Glutens have been of increasing concern in the market place. The

vast majority of our products contain no gluten.

All of our gluten free products are as follows:

Casa Fiesta Serrano Peppers

Casa Fiesta Taco Shells

Casa Fiesta Guacamole Seasoning

Casa Fiesta Taco Tubs

Casa Fiesta JalapeƱo Bean Dip

Casa Fiesta Green Chili's/ whole

Casa Fiesta Green Chili's / diced

Casa Fiesta Mexican-Chili Beans

Casa Fiesta Refried Beans

Casa Fiesta Green Chili Burrito Filling

Casa Fiesta Enchilada Sauce / Hot

Casa Fiesta Enchilada Sauce / mild

Casa Fiesta Seasoning Mix / Taco

Casa Fiesta Taco Dinner

Casa Fiesta Seasoning Mix / Taco Salad

Casa Fiesta No Fat Refried Bean

Casa Fiesta Refried Black Bean

Casa Fiesta Refried with chili

Louisiana Red Hot Sauce

Red Rooster Hot Sauce

Cajun Injector / Creole Butter

Mexene Chili Powder

We encourage all of our customers to check the list of ingredients if

they have any questions or contact us at 1- or


question about enchilada sauce


I am interested in finding out whether your casa fiesta all natural

mild enchilada sauce is gluten free. I noticed that it says modified

food starch on the label. is the food starch made from corn or

another grain (wheat etc.) my son just got diagnosed with celiac

disease and cannot eat anything that contains gluten (wheat, oat,

barley, rye).

also, if you have a list of foods that are gluten free I would love

to have it if you could email me.


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