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Lacto-free milk /yoghurt

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Lactose free milk is not legal on SCD. Here is a link to what Elaine said about it, http://www.breakingtheviciouscycle.info/knowledge_base/kb/lactose_hydrolized_milk.htm

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Kim H.

husband, , CD 1999

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HIIm just waiting for my books to arrive, and looking forward to finding out if SCD the answer ive been looking for!I already drink lacto-free milk (www.lactofree. co.uk). Can anyone tell me if this is legal on scd?Thanks

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At 09:33 AM 12/31/2008, you wrote:

I already drink lacto-free milk


www.lactofree.co.uk). Can anyone tell me if this is legal on


SCD is a miracle diet as far as I'm concerned.

So-called lactose free milk is not permitted on SCD, but you can make our

24 hour yogurt which is lactose-free, and there are many SCD cheeses

which are lactose free.


New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Undiagnosed IBS since 1976, SCD since 2001

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