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Hi all:

Here I am sitting up in the middle of the night again crying my eyes out.

is in a lot of pain and I sure hate seeing him like

that. They have him on quite a strong pain medication and it is working

somewhat. He really wants to come home. They won't let

him though until he is a little more mobile with the walker. They are concerned

about his left lung as well as the mass seems to

have grown a little bit. I was so glad when they sent him home on Christmas

day. By home, I mean they sent him to the hospital in

our home town. It is good to be able to go every day to be with him. I take

him a thurmus of coffee and snacks to him every day

because he says that the hospital coffee is horrible. He loves me to take him

the coffee as well as oranges and grapes and just any

kind of fruit. He also loves vegies and dip. He was kind of borred and running

out of books so i took his lap top to the hospital

for him. he doesn't have access to the internet there, but he has a lot of

E-books and music he can listen too. he even has a few

audio books on there that he is planning to put on cd. I hope he can come home

soon. He sure wants his own bed and to be around

all of his own things. I don't blame him a bit. The animals seem to miss him

quite a bit. Wishy is very attached to him as well

and goes looking for him periodically. Well that's all for now I guess. I'll

update you as I have news.

To keep spiritually fit, consult the Great Physician.

Love and hugs, and the furry ones.

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