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biofilm natural vs prescription

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Good morning,

Your son seems to react much like mine has in many of the situations. I posted our experience and how we did biofilm a few days ago. This may work for you son as well, since reaction to treatments seem to be the same. It's done wonderful things for us overall. Here what I posted it's copy and pasted here.

I did biofilm with my son for 8 straight weeks, 2 times a day. The protocol we used was this, kind of a combination of Peta Cohen and Usman.

Before starting we made sure he had a cleaned out colon and bowel. We did enemas for a few days followed with Oxypowder to keep him going. We made sure he had good BM's every day to prevent bile build up so the enzymes could do their job. We used the oxypowder for this.

On an empty stomach in the AM, we started with one capsule Lumbrokinase with 10 ounces of a diluted juice with water, then 30 minutes later we followed with Oregano Oil, then 30 minutes after that we followed with Apple Pectin Powder and another 8 ounces or so of water. Then one hour after that we did breakfast and vitamins.

We repeated the same thing again after school each day before his dinner. The first few days he was quite tired and had a flu kind of reaction. No fevers, just tired. ( I forgot to mention also that we did use Oral Calcium Disodium EDTA with the enzymes for the first two weeks. We started with 300mg 2 x daily and worked up to 700mg orally by the end of the first week)

By week 2, we were using both Lumbrokinase and Nattokinase together at dosing, and rotating in other antimicrobials, such as Golden Seal, D' Arco, Green Black Walnut Hulls, etc to kill the bugs. We continued using Apple Pectin powder as our mop up. By week 4 he was new child, including perfect BM's. We now are including serrapeptanise (sp?) as one his enzymes too. He also gets Digest Gold by Enzymedica with his major meals each day.

Now his primary disease is a polysaccharide storage disease, he was originally dx'd with Autism in his younger years, (Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A) and we will be continuing this periodically from now on for the rest of his life most likely. (meaning one time a day for a few weeks then rotate off for a few weeks) as with the biofilm build up being made with polysaccarides as well, we will need to eliminate build up frequently. He is 14 years young and already outliving his life expectancy and we owe it all to Biomed, not Pharma.

Good luck... it has been a life changer for us, took much dedication and time intially but well worth every hour!! (the entire time we kept up with his vitamin regiment and probiotics, I know that is controversial on the protocol, but our son needed it.We couldn't risk seizures and other issues that may occur without the proper balance)


Someone emailed me also about what we actually saw and I sent her this reply.

started having major issues this time last year. (Fall of 2008) The issues appeared to be neurological. He could not keep eye contact any longer, was down casting with eyes, wandering aimlessly, not really interested in anything. His BM's had been perfect for the past 5 years at least, but last fall they started becoming more firm, and everything we did to improve them only lasted about 1 - 2 weeks, then constipation would come back with a vengeance. has not spoken words in several years now. (this was one the things that helped get our true dx of Sanfilippo vs just Autism) He is only made noises here and there when he became uncomfortable or was hurting because of something. He wanted to be in his own little world and didn't care much about anything or anyone. It was sad to see him this way. He was always a happy energetic guy who liked people in general and played constructively with toys, liked books etc. ( has been dairy, gluten free and preservative free along for a long time with lots of other things.. basically a very good diet of veggies, meats and limited fruits, along with a fairly long list of supplements)

I kept reading about this biofilm protocol since last March 09. Studying, listening to the video's, reading everything I could find. I could not find a doctor here that knew anything about it. My geneticist is wonderful and supportive, she was willing to order any tests I wanted. The only thing we did was the OAT . It did showed Clostridia and possible dysbiosis. Otherwise numbers were very good. We tried general protocols to get rid of clostridia including Caprylic Acid, Candex, Oregano Oil, Sach B and Culturelle, and Flagyl. (We still use Culturelle 2x daily) Nothing helped much. Things actually got worse at times, so I took the leap into the Biofilm protocol on my own the end of June 09.

My son is now playing with toys again, is interested in sitting with you and trying to imitate what you are saying to him, looking at books, he no longer is down casting and can give you good eye contact. He is paying attention to things in class at school for longer periods of time as well. He is interested in doing things that he hasn't wanted to do in nearly 2 years. His BM's have been perfect ever since as well.

I have a child with a personality back and he can interact again with interest again. He is trying to talk, but still cannot. If that comes back.. it will be a miracle in the world of Sanfilippo.. but I do believe in miracles. :-) and I never give up.


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