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'I was treated more humanely in Pakistan' HIV +ve

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a) 'I was treated more humanely in Pakistan'

B) HIV+ fisherman’s family doesn’t know what it is


a) 'I was treated more humanely in Pakistan'

5/4/2008. Its a story that will compel one to think about how we as

country deal with our HIV positive patients. A teenage boy who was

treated with utmost care and compassion in a Pakistani jail after

being diagnosed with HIV positive, was infact thrown out of a

hospital in his own country, just because he was an AIDS patient.

The security in the ward of the government run KEM Hospital in Mumbai

is misleading. They are not in attendance of a VIP or a gangster but

a young teenage boy. 17 year old Narendra Bhagan -- a fisherman from

Gujarat, was taken as a prisoner by Pakistan when his boat had

accidentally strayed into the Pakistani waters, four months back.

After his plight came to light, the embarrassed hospital

administration had to admit him. But now has virtually a prisoner.

With any request to meet him minutely screened, the dean of the

hospital himself, escorts people to meet the boy.

Narendra said, " I was treated well there, atleast I could roam around

freely. The people in Pakistan were very kind to me. "

Ironic that an Indian citizen is openly admitting that life as a

prisoner in Pakistan is better than the treatment meted out to him

back home in India. Despite the government's claims of a thriving

AIDS awareness campaigns, 17 year old Narendra is a glaring example

of how even government hospitals turn away patients in immediate need

of medical help.


B) HIV+ fisherman’s family doesn’t know what it is

Sumitra Deb Roy. Sunday, May 04, 2008 03:03 IST

MUMBAI: Yuvraj Dhobi, 19, brother of Narendra Dhobi, did not know anything about

his older brother’s ailment and failed to understand why his brother was being

denied treatment at a civic hospital in Mumbai.

Narendra Dhobi was released by the Pakistani juvenile jail authorities on

Wednesday after he was found HIV positive during the course of a routine medical

check-up in Karachi. He was arrested by the Pakistan Maritime Services about

three months ago after he strayed into Pakistani waters while fishing.

In Dhobi’s case, the ailment proved fortunate as in other circumstances, Indian

fishermen languish in Pakistani jails for many years. He was also fortunate to

not have been tortured there. Dhobi said that he heard horrible tales of how

captured fishermen were asked to jump on sharp dry fish bones till they bled.

“Fortunately, I never went through this, though many of my friends did,” he


Yuvraj, who belongs to the tribal community of Jambori village in Vapi, Gujarat,

reached the city on Saturday. He had last met Dhobi four months ago when the

latter was leaving for his fishing expedition from Porbandar. “We did not know

that he was in Pakistan’s custody,” said Yuvraj.

Dhobi is usually away from home for 8-9 months before the monsoons. Hence, the

family thought even this time he was busy fishing. There are many more fishermen

languishing in the jails of Pakistan at this moment. Dhobi’s parents are still

unaware that their son is battling a life-threatening ailment for the last five

years. “This is the first time he has fallen ill in all these years,” said

Yuvraj. Dhobi has also fallen prey to tuberculosis and is suffering from a

severe urinary tract infection. “He is doing fine but his ailment is at an

advanced stage,” said Dr AR Pazare, consultant physician and professor of

medicine, KEM hospital.

“Doctors are taking good care of me now,” said Dhobi about the doctors of KEM

Hospital, Parel. He had earlier alleged that the same doctors had ill-treated

him and had forcibly thrown him out of the ward without providing any medical


Meanwhile, Dr ND Bhonsale, who is probing the allegations made by Dhobi, said

that the report would be ready by Monday. “We have recorded the statements of

the patients and the concerned doctors,” he said.

An insider, however, revealed that the doctor who told Dhobi that “KEM hospital

was not a dharamshala but a private hospital” has been identified. “But

authorities are trying to shield the doctor as they feel he did it

unintentionally,” he said. Dhobi, however, is unaware of what HIV/AIDS is. “I

want to go back to my village once I am fine,” he said.



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