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Mainstream Opportuntities for Displaced Children

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I'm glad to announce the availability of a new document guidance

document on programming for street children prepared by

-: Building Bridges to Mainstream Opportunities: Displaced

Children and Orphans Fund Guidance on Funding Priorities and

Parameters for Street Children Programming. It is available at:


In Building Bridges, presents what has been learned in recent

years from programs for street children, those funded DCOF-funded and

others. The document provides a valuable perspective to donors and

practitioners who are committed to addressing the needs of children on

the street. Building on his long experience in this programming area

in several regions, the publication provides insights and practical

ideas on using funds more effectively and appropriately.

He gives significant attention the importance of:

Carefully analyzing of the population of concern,

Targeting programmatic interventions effectively,

Keeping a focus on community and family reintegration, and

Tracking results, both short- and long-term.

In recent years it seems that commitments to programming for children

living on the street have waned. In part, this may be due to the

sense among donors that it is difficult to achieve significant

results. In this new document has pointed the way for the

effective use of resources to benefit some of the world's most

vulnerable children and youth.



Senior Technical Advisor

Displaced Children and Orphans Fund of USAID

In Solidarity,

Jagdish Harsh

email: jharsh@...

web: www.hivatlas.org

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