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Over 10 million condoms distributed in Bihar last fiscal.doc

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Over 10 million condoms distributed in Bihar last fiscal

Patna, July 16 (IANS) Bihar has left other states behind in free distribution of

condoms in India, officials at the state’s AIDS control society said here

Wednesday. The state has distributed 10.1 million condoms in 2007-08. The figure

was 8.6 million in 2006-07 and 3.5 million in 2002-03.

Officials said most of the condoms were distributed through NGOs.

Bihar State AIDS Control Society (BSACS) figures show 850,000 condoms were

distributed in Patna district, 750,000 in Kishanganj, 700,000 in Muzaffarpur and

600,000 in Katihar.

“Bihar is on the top in free distribution of condoms; other states including

metro cities are lagging behind,” said Tejasvi, an associate of the National

Aids Control Organisation (NACO).

The condom distribution programme is also expected to aid family planning

efforts. Bihar has a population growth rate of 4.1 percent, almost double the

national average of 2.1 percent.



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Dear Friends,

Re: /message/9025

It is really good to know that over 10 million condom in distributed in Bihar

through the NGO activities.


I have one question. Does BSACS have any mechanism to know if the distributed

condoms are being used? Or even the implementing NGOs are monitoring the use of

distributed condom?


At least at NGO level where full fledged TI is being implemented, regular

monitoring of condom use can be done by the following simple mechanisms:


1. Monitoring in STI Clinics:

Good quality of STI services with an effective STI recording and  reporting

system is important to do the useful condom monitoring.

Persistent unprotected sex in the sex work set ups show high STI prevalence and

incidence among sex workers and client

Improvement of consistent use of condom should result in decreasing number of

new male STI cases over a period of time

Periodic clinic based survey among visiting sex workers and clients in the STI

clinics may be useful to know condom use in last sex or pattern of consistency

in the last working weeks

Periodic clinic based survey among sex workers and clients in the program to

know their comfort level regarding having access to condom outlets and source


2. Monitoring through Outreach activities: Checking the condom outlets of the

sex work set ups, truckers sites, migrants sites on regular basis by Peer

Educators and NGO Outreach workers to know supply and distribution pattern of

each outlet.





Dr Sugata Mukhopadhyay

Kathmandu, Nepal

e-mail: <sugataids@...>

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Guest guest

Dear all

Re: /message/9025


Glad to know the distribution of condom through NGO activities. As it is

mentioned that any mechanism to know how many are of them used ?

Some very important indicators related to this may help us in better monitoring:


1. How may partners / ORW / PEs have the penis model?

2. How many of them know the correct method of demonstration including expiry

date, lubrication etc. I mean to say the training imparted to PEs and VPEs

related to this is very important indicator.

3. What is the number of demonstration of condom done in front of the community

specially by the peer educators and volunteers?

4. I have seen  that due to shortage of space the condoms are not kept as per

the guidelines which is again a big concern regarding the quality of condom


5. The focus should be on correct and consistent use of condom.

6. Apart from that what are myths and misconceptions in the community regarding

condom use?

7. Also one need to check if these are condoms are used for family planning or

HIV prevention etc.


I would love to have the comments on the above points from anyone.



Praveen Prakash Gupta


Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Gujarat State AIDS Control Society

O-1 Block, New Mental Hospital Complex,

Meghaninagar, Ahmedabad - 380 016

Phone (O) : (079) 22680211-12-13

Mobile No. - 09377405392

e-mail : guptameo@...


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