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Leaders of the community come forward to Accept People Living with HIV

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One of the biggest problem people living with HIV are facing is that stigma and

discrimination from the society. It hearts more when stigma or discrimination

comes from their own community or home. With the objective of the mainstreaming

HIV in the community GSNP+ advocates with the leaders of various community to

accept people living with HIV in their community.

In Navsari district GSNP+ started to work with the support of GSACS and at

present we are having JIVANDIP Project with support of GSACS and in partnership

with Indian Red Cross Society. The main objective of the JIVANDIP Project is to

mainstream HIV/AIDS. Mr. Vinod Soni is among one of the strong and experienced

member of network. He is from the SONI (God smith) community of Gujarat and

residing in Navsari district. He started to advocate from his own community and

sensitize the leaders of the SONI community.

With the objective of mainstreaming HIV and increase social acceptance in whole

community Navasari JIVANDIP Project of GSNP+ organized awareness program with

the community members. Shree Navsari Shrimali Soni Mitra Mandal and GSNP+

organized this awareness program on 30th December 2007 in Navsari district. Mr.

Vinod opened his HIV status in front of approx 700 members of his community and

every one accepted him. This is the first effort that community itself comes

forward and say that yes we accept People Living with HIV.

Dr. Pradipkumar (Additional Director of GSACS), Mrs. Daxaben Patel (President of

GSNP+), Municipality President of Navasari, CDMO, Deputy Collector, President of

Diamond Association, and Community Leaders have given their valuable presence as

well admired the courage of Mr. Vinodbhai Soni.

Mr. Vinodbhai has expressed the gratefulness towards the SONI community & its

leaders who gave him love, care and support. Dr. Pradipkumar admired the program

as well as the efforts of community. Mrs. Daxa Patel expressed the gratefulness

for the support of all over SONI community for their valuable support to

Mr.Vinodbhai & the network. Mrs. Madhuben, Board Member, GSNP+ & Mrs. Geetaben,

Board Member, GSNP+ have conducted PSB. Also, children from the community

performed various cultural activities during this program.. Annual General

Meeting of the SONI Community was also organized that day.

Daxa V. Patel,



E-MAIL: <jitu_16nov@...>

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