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Misleading the Lok Sabha on AIDS Medication.

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Misleading the Lok Sabha on AIDS Medication.

(AIDS INDIA e FORUM) It appears that the AIDS Profiteers are taking

new avtars. And they have accrued the skills even to manipulate the

discussion FORUM of the Indian Lok Sabha. And such discussions are

used to substantiate their claims on the efficacy of AIDS Medication.

The HOO-IMM PLUS, a purported AIDS medication is brazenly advertised

on the internet by Mumbai based HOOTONE REMEDIES is even claims the

approval of NACO, ICMR and presents the pictures of the Hob Health

Minster felicitating the inventor of the AIDS medication on their web


In a LOK SABHA Un-starred Question (NO 4112. ANSWERED ON 25.08.2004)


Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family welfare

(a) whether any institution/company has submitted its claim before

the Government for having discovered a Unani Medicine for AIDS;

(B) if so, the details thereof; and

© the steps being taken by the Government for the use of this


The minister of state in the ministry of health and family welfare

(SMT. PANABAKA LAKSHMI) answer to the Lok Sabha wa the following

(a) Yes, Sir.

(B) Managing Director, Hooton Remedies, Mumbai has sent a letter

dated 5.6.2004 to National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) claiming

that their Unani-Ayurvedic formulation developed for HIV/AIDS has 98%

inhibition against HIV virus.

© The Government is examining the feasibility of testing this Claim.

It would be of public interest to know the motivation of the

Honorable members of parliament to ask the question about a

particular product in the parliament.

In another apparent endorsement to this so called AIDS Medicine, Dr.

Yoganand Shastri, Honourable Health Minister, New Delhi presented

a `Global Award' to Dr. Hakeem Sayyed B. A. Kareem, Managing

Director, Hootone Remedies, for `The Inventor of the only anti-HIV

drug proven by DNA-PCR antigen test' held on 27th Dec 2006.

The Registered Office of the HOOTONE REMEDIES is at 3A, Pitru ,

Beside Mehboob FILM Studio, 23C, Hill Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 50.

Website : www.hootone.com

Will NACO act on it?


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