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Re: Tamil Nadu: District-level AIDS prevention and control units planned

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Dear forum,

Re: /message/8758

I request all the forum members of Tamilnadu to write their

'experiance' in dealing with the present District Program Managers


Because, this is the right time to make the Tamilnadu SACS to understand about

the sad state of 'selection' of the present DPMs.

Many of these DPMs even do not know their own role and the 'expected outputs' of

their own position. Then how can we expect them to manage a


We all should insist on a transparent and merit based selection

process in recruiting these DPMs for handling district program units.

The health secretary should intervene and take stock of the present

situation immediately. The eligibility criteria and the roles and

responsibilities should be clearly defined before recruitment.

In the interest of PLHIV community,


e-mail: <shelter@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Forum Members,

I do agree with observation about the standard of District Program Managers. I

cannot imagine how some of these people were seleced as a DPMs to run a whole

show related to the burning issue and they donot know the basic facts about


How they are working for the cause and many of the DPMs act only as a messenger

to TANSACS to concern districts.

They donot have any value added knowledge and cntribution to the community where

they are appointed to work.

Yours in solidarity

G. Sekar

Volunteer and Freelance Consultant

e-mail: <sekarmsw@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Forum,

Let us understand the concept of program managers.

The DPM's are started working from Jan 07. After the DPM's in the district there

is lot of client flow and quality of services in the ICTC and ART. PPTC coverage

is really very good.

Tamil Nadu is pioneer in the HIV/AIDS activity. This year PPTC coverage is going

to be more than90%. So let us understand the concept.

Second lot of PLHA' are getting benifited through the district adminstration.

The DPM's are playig a vital role for networking with PLHA to District


So let us criticizing the act not the persons.

By the welfare of HIV/AIDS

Anand Sri

e-mail: <srianand29@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Members,

These are all the things happening to HIV/AIDS in India. Otherwise 5.2 million

would not be reduced to 2.6 million. The route of transmission is under serious

scrutiny. The number of NGO's deleted from NACO list.

You are talking about district level selection, What happened in the selection

of NACO regional level coordinator post for Tamilnadu? How many of them applied?

How many of them called for interview? What is the credential of the person who

has now selected? What is her previous track record in APSACS? Why she has left


Neither NACO nor TNSACS can answer these questions? So even in the regional

level it is happening than at the district level it is nothing.



Harshitha Sureshkumar

e-mail: <suheharshi@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Forum,

I thank you for the web-posting on DPMs. It has made me to work even better for

the cause of PLHA community in particular and the public in general.

May I put forth the following for your analysis of the ground realities:

1. The selection was done by a team of officials from UNICEF and TANSACS after

following stringent selection process. The selection was very fair and was not

influenced by any undue favortism.

2. The Project Director of TANSACS would not allow any incompetent person to

continue to look after the district programmes, if Madam finds out any thing

wrong in the district on account of the incompetency of the DPM. Madam is our

guiding force to give goods to the people to whom we serve.

3. All of us are well-qualified with diverse background - All of us are either

MSWs or MBAs.

4. Please note that we have been already working for nearly 18 months (1 1/2

years) and we have been trained by TANSACS, UNICEF and other agencies

thoroughly. Moreover, the field level experience before and after the selection

have made us to take up enormous responsibilities in our respective districts

confidently and we do deliver the expected outputs all these days.

5. We are directly under the control of the respective District Collectors.

Each Collector wants good works by his/her DPM to the people of the district.

The Collectors would not allow the DPMs to continue if they know that the DPMs

are incompetent. My Collector takes up the cause of the PLHAs / ordinary people

and in every meetings (one-to-one and official) he asks me details/data about

the works carried out by me in the district. .

6. We are looking after various works of TANSACS in the district and it is next

to impossible to satisfy all the stakeholders at all times. If any problem

concerning the works of the particular DPM is brought to the notice of that

concerned DPM or to the authorities at TANSACS, they will definitely take up

corrective measures.

Thanks and regards


Jeyaraj, B.A , PGDCA, D.P, MBA

District Program Manager (DPM)- Tiruvallur

Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society (TANSACS)

Panchayat (Development) Section,

District Collectorate,

Tiruvallur - 602 001.

Cell: +91-9840541294

e-mail: <tcpcsin@...>

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Guest guest

Dear forum ,

Re: /message/8831

It was nice to hear from Mr. about the Tansacs DPM issue,

but even tansacs has hidden agenda for recruitment.

I hope members would remember the Tansacs called for some 12 post during the

month of dec ' 07 and its process took so long and the shortlisted candidates

were called for a written test and personal interview, the transperency was made

to the core like video graphing ,

photographing of the candidates , but when the results were out we

could find most of the selected candidates were already employed with

the tansacs in some other projects.

This is even when the project director madam who always shows oppositon to

favouritism in any process and always gives importance to qualified


Even there are good hardworking smart qualified candidates outside the vicinity

of tansacs .

Please consider them in future job openings.

I hope the other recently called for post would not have the same

effect for the recruiting of staff .



e-mail: <deejai14@...>

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Guest guest

Dear Forum,

Re: /message/8831

It is good to think at least NOW...! What the DPM's are doing at the

District level in Tamilnadu.

I feel that the after the inception of the DPM's in Districts, the

Co-ordination of TNSACS programmes at District level, got much

strengthened, by way of reaching more people for Counseling and

Testing in the ICTC's, reaching the positive ANC mothers for

delivery in the hospital and 100% Nevarapine administration,

involvement of district administration in the HIV/AIDS programmes,

reaching out the govt. Schemes to the PLHA's, and reducing the

stigma & discrimination at certain level through public meetings and

awareness etc.,

I do not comment that all this is been possible only because of the

DPM's, but I would say that they are being instrumental in so many

situations and liaise – not messengers - with the TNSACS and the

District Administration – Collectorate, JDHS, DDHS, DD-TB and other

stake holders like NGO's, Positive Network etc.,

I would request the Forum to think also about the best things from

the DPM's while sharing about their selection.

With due respects,


e-mail: <sfrancis@...>

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