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Circumcision effective in AIDS prevention: Indian Council of Medical Research

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Circumcision effective in AIDS prevention: Indian Council of Medical


Submitted by Tarique on Tue, 02/19/2008 - 14:07.

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter

New Delhi: With AIDS wrecking havoc across the globe including India,

the Indian medical fraternity seems to have come to accept the

significance of circumcision in prevention of the deadly disease.

After reports of satisfactory results of circumcision in AIDS-

affected South Africa, sincere deliberations are on in India to try

this practice.

The Indian Council of Medical Research has prepared a project that

will be implemented in Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and West

Bengal. In Uttar Pradesh, Meerut has been selected for this project.

The project will be placed before the Meerut Medical College's review

committee on 19th February. Dr. Rukma Adnani, project in-charge and

ex-head of the women's diseases department at Meerut Medical College,

says her team will discuss the issue with persons from all religions

and if positive signals are received from the society, circumcision

for all could be possible. She admitted that religious bindings could

be a hindrance in this scheme. Under the project, consensus on the

issue will be required among non-Muslims, especially Hindus, Sikhs,

Buddhists, Jains and Christians.

Though the world, and India also, has spent billions of dollars, no

effective preventive measure or treatment for AIDS could be found

till date. However, it has been observed that circumcision could be

an effective device to keep from AIDS, HIV and other such sexually

transmitted diseases



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